In memory of Ned Thornton 
26 March 1956 - 30 July 2001
R O B 3 R T   T H O R N T O N

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After all these years, it's hard to believe that I still haven't put up much of a personal web site. And there's no grand design here. Just a random sprinkling of personal information. One Day it will be complete and perfectly organized, just like the rest of my life. Some who know me actually believe that I do — no, that I simply must — lead a completely orderly life (but if you believe that you couldn't know me all that well). So, for those among you, I have transmogrified myself to that place and time, that "One Day," to bring you a preview of the point of perfection. (And to think it's come to this after all the time I've been trying to transcend myself.)

I am now trying to update the following bits in a little less random fashion. Such that, when new items are added (or substantial changes made to an entry), they are placed at the top here. So, you can more easily find new things without having to plow through all the old stuff. Enjoy!


Sera has updated her web site to point out her blog that documents her recent semester in Paris and many photos from her adventures.

One of my projects in Bonny Doon was to transform my second floor bedroom from a dingy, smelly place into a comfortable and inspiring portal onto the surrounding meadow and woodlands. These photos document the removal of a large solid wall, to create a bow window seat/desk and door for ventilation and access to a roof deck. Design and construction details are available on request.

For anyone contemplating marriage, or any other kind of partnership, here's a concept my dad told me about, a few years before he died. I call it Partnership as an 80-20 Proposition.

Sera has updated her web site with a fresh, sophisticated design. And a recent photo from her high school prom.

When guests visit Bonny Doon, all kinds of fun stuff happens. Here, Rob3rt does China Town.

You should really check out this site I did for my sister, the mad dollmaker. The 3-d model of Amanda is extra fun. Now I'm working on a similar site to showcase the inspiring printmaking of Aunt Elaine.

I'm very proud of my daughter, Sera, a dedicated scholar (but she's always changing her web site so you never know what you'll find there).

OK, there actually is web-evidence of some of my computer work of recent years. From the days of Jump Development Group, the main product was RAM Charger (much of the web site and programming in later years was the work of Cris Mooney). Then there was Forward America (that I think was originally Scott Johnson's idea, and he's been paying for it ever since). I also did some design and graphical user interface (GUI) work for Webmedx (you can see a slide-show-demo of the Java GUI by pressing their "Start Demo" button).

I've posted some photos of the Thornton clan, some old, some new.

There are also photos of the house at Wildcat Cove, where Sera and I enjoyed many good times.

Finally, there is now photographic evidence of new life at Bonny Doon! More to come (new life and photos, both).


In case you think I just might be that same Rob3rt that you once knew and loved, here's a brief bio.

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